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Hello world!

Imagine Incense is getting its own web presence!

For a while now we’ve been your favorite incense at book stores, co-ops, gift shops, general stores, glass shops, hardware stores, markets, smoke shops and stores that don’t have a specific label – now we’re your favorite incense on the web!*

We are still only wholesale and in the near future that will still be the case. Please continue to shop at the amazing stores you’ve always found our products in!

Eventually we will sell online. There have always been scents that stores can’t stock because of space concerns, or because of those same space concerns maybe they can’t stock enough! Our online sales will address that by providing our full range of scents and other products as a complement to the stores that already sell our incense. They also wont charge you shipping!

In the meantime you can find us slowly becoming more active on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

And if you are a business interested in carrying our products please visit


*Incense can’t be transmitted via the web. If you visit our site and smell our incense you likely have some burning near you. Enjoy!